OK Babes-let’s get REAL-real quick. No matter who you are, hair removal & maintenance is an unfortunate part of our lives. And I’ll be straight up [especially since I know I’m not the only one] I am AWFUL at it. Seriously. Chris makes fun of me all the time because I am “so not a girl” when it comes to the whole “landscaping maintenance” business.

So when my friend Gita of No Mo Stache brands sent me THREE sets of her hair removal products- two sets to giveaway, and one for me to play with- I got super excited. Finally, something I could do that takes 0 time and 0 appointments..why not? [Chris was also excited].

The brand offers complete kits for bikini, upper lip, and eyebrow area. The easy to use strips aren’t painful and rip the hair off easily! They are hypoallergenic, which makes them especially great for sensitive skin. Plus each kit comes with post aloe-cream for a soothing sensation.

This is the perfect solution to those last minute plans -instead of scrambling to make an appointment! The website offers instructional videos, tips, and answers to any other questions you may have via www.yesmobeauty.com

Hope you enjoy my personal videos of mine (& Chris’s) waxing experience below…it was definitely interesting…