Thanksgiving, one of my fav holidays, is almost here! Aside from being thankful for everything we have and every blessing in life, it’s the only day of the year that is deemed “appropriate” to pig the f out.  But if we’re being honest-this definitely happens on more than one day a year…

So, after you’re done eating all the green bean casserole and turkey in sight, what do you do next? Normally, I unbutton my jeans and complain about how much I just ate. In order to avoid that-I wear Spanx leggings. Yes, Spanx.

Some of you probably already own these-and that’s cool-but I’ve actually encountered a few ladies recently who were unknown to this turkey day secret. Spanx leggings are not only SLIMMING but they are COMFORTABLE and allow all the room for all the food. So you can sit on the couch with the fam in style while eating whatever you want.

They come in camo, stripe, moto, and solid leather in several colors. I personally have almost all of them-they are truly the best investment leggings not just for turkey day but for every day of the winter year! Pair with a cozy sweater or tunic for a casual feel, or a silky top and blazer for a more sophisticated look. Click photos below to shop!

Happy Thanksgiving Babes