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The Best 4 Shops for Petites

If you’re like me, finding clothes that fit can be a little difficult. Everything is either way too long, or way too overwhelming…fits in the bottom-huge in the top..etc. etc. I’ve tried and searched for some of the most petite-friendly brands, and here’s what I found! 1. Anthropologie Anthropologie, the sister of Free People, has […]

SRSLY? 20% Off? YES PLZ!

ICYMI: I apologize [not really] for blowing up your Instagram feed with my Native Gem Jewelry posts…. buuttttttt I’m just very excited because not only is it gorgeous- it’s 20% OFF FOR MY BABES [insert shocked emoji face here]! If you’ve been living under a rock-and that’s ok-then you may not be familiar with the […]

MOTIF Magazine Photoshoot

As many of you know by now, I’ve added Style & Fashion Editor under my belt! When Robin Hebert-Guidry, MOTIF Magazine Publisher, approached me last October for the position, I cried. Cried & cried. (shh. she doesn’t know that). I was so overwhelmed with joy, fear, confusion, accomplishment, & i’ll say it, flattery. A breakthrough. […]