ICYMI: I apologize [not really] for blowing up your Instagram feed with my Native Gem Jewelry posts…. buuttttttt I’m just very excited because not only is it gorgeous- it’s 20% OFF FOR MY BABES [insert shocked emoji face here]!

If you’ve been living under a rock-and that’s ok-then you may not be familiar with the Native Gem line. Not only do they use rare, natural gemstones, but everything created only uses¬†hypo-allergenic, 14K gold fill, vermeil and sterling silver materials. Plus, I know the designer-& she’s just a hilarious delight. But I don’t think that makes me bias…I believe that a designer shares their personality and spirit in their product, and it clearly shows here <3.

From dainty layers to statement & cocktail pieces, there’s definitely a style for everyone!

I’ve linked some of my favs below, but you can visit the Native Gem site and use CODE: STYLEWSTEPH to receive 20% OFF YOUR ORDER.




Photos by LeeAnn Stephan Photography