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Being 5′ is…well a little awkward sometimes. Especially in the fashion industry. Clothes rarely fit the way they should! That’s partially why I became a Personal Stylist. Working with women of all shapes, sizes, and heights allows me to see a range of styles come to life before my eyes-whereas I would only see my own on a daily basis. That, & the fact that my favorite thing about working in the Boutique World were making women feel beautiful & confident.

Aside from Personal Styling, I enjoy sharing my knowledge & life through my blog. You name it, I’ll share it: from where to find the latest must haves & favs, to where to get the best cheesesticks [maybe not-I may be the only one who loves them?]. I plan to share it all with you…

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Our Services

Closet Styling

The Closet Styling service is perfect if you have a closet full of pieces you love but have no idea how to make them work together. Together, we’ll assess your current wardrobe of the season and create complete looks personalized just for you!

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Sort, Shop & Style

The Sort, Shop & Style is the ideal service to book if you want to create a cohesive wardrobe through items you already own, and new items purchased according to your budget and lifestyle.

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VIP Style Package

The words, “I have nothing to wear” are all too real and you’re ready to put an end to it! The VIP Style Package will help you create a complete wardrobe for the season with a concierge twist.

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Custom Style Package

Want to be styled, but too afraid to jump into one of the big packages? Only need a couple of outfit updates, not an entire wardrobe? The Custom Style Package is just what you need!

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Bridal Styling Packages

Your wedding day is one of the most memorable days of your life, you'll want to have the perfect dress! I have introduced new packages for brides: Bride, Bridal Party, & Mother of the Bride Styling, Party Styling (Engagement Party, Bridal Shower, & Rehearsal Dinner), Engagement Photo Styling, & Honeymoon Packing.

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I highly recommend using Style With Steph. She listened to my goals and fashion interest. She selected the right pieces to put together a polished, yet casual look which is exactly what I needed. I recommend her services to anyone who is pressed for time, a bad shopper, lacks vision, or just plain lazy. She will do it all for you and put together the complete outfit photos so you can refer back anytime you need help picking an outfit. Even my husband has commented on how stylish I look lately!


As a mother of 4 young kids who is always rushing around , it's so helpful to have my closet organized, updated and outfits planned and ready to go for any occasion. Stephanie took the stress out of packing for trips, dressing for events and even just dressing for busy weekdays. Working with Stephanie is like working w your BFF - so EASY and fun!

The only person more pleased with Stephanie than me is my husband- he loves not having to sit around and wait for me to try things on and decide what to wear! Now, when we go places together I'm the one waiting on him to finish getting dressed!


I am not an inherently fashionable person and quite frankly I do not like to shop. Hiring Stephanie was hands down the best decision I could have made. I was impressed how she was able to determine my personal style so quickly and also helped me step outside of my comfort zone. Stephanie is very knowledgeable about style and very easy to work with. I love everything she has picked out for me so far and can't wait for future shopping ventures. It is so nice not to have to search for clothes and end up with a fabulous wardrobe. I can't recommend Stephanie highly enough.